Dear Visitor,

More than 30 years ago, with the creation of DentServ , we transformed the world of dental care by providing high-quality dental services to tens of thousands of patients across a myriad of industries. The day-to-day lives of countless patients – most of them elders and special needs individuals – were improved in hundreds of the finest and most prestigious healthcare facilities and institutions across the country.

But there was more work to be done. Research from the National Institute of Health notes that 10.4 million Americans aged 40 or older suffer from Glaucoma or Diabetic Retinopathy. Another 24.4 million Americans suffer from cataracts. 48,000+ corneal transplants occur every year. Eye infections? Over a million a year.

Our sight is vital. Not only to get around but to be a part of a community – any community. When eyes are the windows to the soul, not having sight means the shutters are closed. Like oral care, eye care is a burden we can lift, especially for our most vulnerable and challenged clientele.

Meet “The MedServ Group”.

A groundbreaking optometric care company that brings high-quality eye care to those under your responsibility. Our highly-skilled staff of Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Opticians and Technicians will work to ensure efficiencies of time, scope and scale that will contribute to your patient’s satisfaction and overall health.

Our goal is simple: Ease the burden for those you care for while becoming the most trusted provider of on-site optometric services in the country.

We invite you to learn more about The MedServ Group and I look forward to connecting soon.

Isaac Newman

Chief Operating Officer

The MedServ Group