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The MedServ Group provides residents within the healthcare industry with high-quality optometric & podiatry care with on-site, specialized and professional care in a safe and turnkey environment that ensures our patients - your clients - are satisfied.

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Dependable, Safe, and Efficient On-Site Optometric & Podiatry Services For Those In Your Care.

The MedServ Group is a revolutionary optometric & podiatry care company that brings high-quality care to those you care for: your residents. Our state-of-the-art equipment is brought on-site and treatment is performed at your location which ensures efficiency, safety, and total resident satisfaction. Join the droves of healthcare facilities across the country entrusting their resident’s health and care to The MedServ Group.

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Dear Visitor,

Hoping this letter finds you well, and continued best wishes for 2021, most importantly good health!

Thank you for being a continued loyal member of The ServGroup family of services. When DentServ started over 30 years ago we never imagined that we would rise to the top of providers servicing the needs of countless skilled nursing facilities throughout New York state.

We were further humbled when nearly all of the facilities where we provided our signature dental services engaged, The MedServ Group for their residents’ optometric services. It is apparent that our mission to deliver exceptional care to the most vulnerable of individuals is being accomplished.

During the recent months we continued to assess the needs of our member facilities, heeded their call and have entered into the Podiatry space as well. The MedServ Group podiatry team manages everything needed to ensure that your residents receive the very best in foot care. From scheduling appointments for the physicians, coordinating with inter facility staff, to direct billing insurance we do it all, with the familiar, professional and dedicated service you have come to expect from our team.

Lastly, as an added benefit, our physicians will see every patient on census irrespective of their payor source to ensure that all of the residents in your care receive the personalized attention that they deserve.

If you have an question please feel free to reach out anytime.

We invite you to learn more about The MedServ Group and I look forward to connecting soon.

Isaac Newman

Chief Operating Officer

The MedServ Group

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The MedServ Group aims to ease the burden of providing residents, clients, and patients within the healthcare space with quality optometry & podiatry healthcare by providing on-site, specialized, and professional quality care to those who entrust their care to you.


The MedServ Group knows you have options. Providing safe and efficient turnkey services for those you care for is our absolute priority and striving for 100% satisfaction from our clients and their residents is at the core of everything we do.

To offer the finest level of state-of-the-art care by ensuring maximum health options to your residents with minimal disruption to staff and day-to-day procedures.

To uphold the professional standards, practices, and regulations required by each individual State Department of Health, professional associations, and OSHA.

To promote all aspects of patient health, including education and prevention, and to develop treatment plans with the resident’s needs as a priority, always considering the long- and short‐term benefits of treatment and its impact on the resident’s quality of life.

To start every appointment with ensuring that each resident is carefully evaluated and that they are capable, mentally, and physically able to tolerate treatment in a safe manner. Every reasonable effort will be made to make all patients as comfortable as possible.

To manage all aspects of insurance billing, paperwork, and payment and become your most trusted provider of on-site eye care services.

To conduct our business and professional services in an honest and forthright manner